Exclusive Distributor of Viking INC Firefighting Products

Our comprehensive range of grooved products marks us as a dependable partner in fire protection for our customers.

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Viking fire sprinklers consist of a threaded frame with a specific waterway or orifice size and a deflector for distributing water in a specified pattern. A closed or sealed sprinkler refers to a complete assembly, including the thermosensitive operating element. An open sprinkler does not use an operating element and is open at all times. The distribution of water is intended to extinguish a fire or to control its spread. Viking sprinklers are available in several models and styles. Refer to specific sprinkler technical data sheets for available styles, finishes, temperature ratings, thread sizes, and nominal K-Factors for your particular need.

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These systems include, EasyPac Riser assemblies, Wet/Dry Pipe systems, Deluge & Preaction systems, Flow Control & Pressure regulations, Firecycle® Systems, Alarm devices and TotalPac®3 Systems.

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Viking’s Foam/Water based systems are fully integrated, ensuring the operational compatibility of every component from foam concentrate to discharge devices. From our Halar® coated control valves, our three UL Listed proportioning methods, and our wide range of discharge devices that includes the Viking Grate Nozzle, you can rely on Viking for high-hazard protection.

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Whether it’s clean agent, an integrated system, or state-of-the-art detection and control, we have the technology and experience to protect your most valuable and sensitive property. We cover Viking Clean Agent Systems, Viking Detection and Control Solutions, FireFlex® Integrated Systems and Flammable Liquid Storage Protection to name a few here.

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We as a leader in flexible sprinkler technology, offers sprinkler contractors covering the most complete line of flexible connections. Our products have been used in a wide array of structure types, including commercial, industrial, institutional, cleanroom, cold storage, and more. These products that are FM Approved and UL Listed for a wide variety of applications, and are qualified for use in Seismic Design categories C, D, E, and F.

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Sensitive fire detection and residue free extinguishing are the hallmarks of our gas protection systems. These products find use in complex environments ranging from IT server rooms to data centres, hospitals, nuclear centres and high end sophisticated industrial environments.

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Firefighting Solutions For Your Viking INC Products

Frons Engineering is an authorized channel partner of Viking INC, a global leader in Firefighting. For 100+ years the name Viking has represented global leadership in fire protection. Viking leads the industry in quality and innovation because fire protection is all Viking does, and the single focus is to support and enhance the efforts of independent fire sprinkler contractors. Viking believes that protecting people and property from fire transcends the bottom line, and we never stop asking “what do our customers need to be successful?”
Today, The Viking Group provides independent fire sprinkler contractors with integrated solutions for any fire protection challenge. Customers rely on Viking to deliver.

Frons’ core strength lies in creating awareness about the need for protection against damage due to fire and minimizing losses of life and property by providing adequate means of fire protection. Through Viking SupplyNet, we offer virtually every product, with appropriate approvals and listings, required for the installation of any fire protection system. For more details on the Viking product range we offer:

our projects

Fire Fighting Projects

AIIMS Trauma Centre, New Delhi

Specialized Fire protection system installation for rooftop Helipad area. The project involved installation of water and foam-based firefighting system.

Lion’s Club Eye Hospital, Ghaziabad

Fire hydrant system with addressable fire alarm panel and security system installation

Exxon Mobil, Whitefield Bangalore

Specialized foam system installation